Massage Session Tips

Getting the most out of your massage session


1.  Be sure of medication requirements before and after. Things to consider could be pain medications, Parkinson’s and/or blood pressure pills, just to name a few.  

2.  Take a shower before a massage. It’s always better to massage clean skin.

3.  Avoid caffeine, smoking, sugar and stimulants before your session. These types of things can make it difficult to relax.

4.  Try not to schedule anything directly after your session.  Give yourself time to integrate your feelings after the massage. These can come in many different forms: new ideas, intense emotional feelings, physical changes, etc. 

5.  Create a tranquil environment for your session. Turn off telephones and ask household members to keep in mind your getting a massage.

6.  The more you can relax, the more therapeutic benefit you will receive from your session. When a sore area of your body is being massaged, it helps to release it by breathing deeply and slowly and letting that area relax as much as possible. Slow, deep, steady breaths relax your muscles and nervous system.

7.  Drink lots of water. Large areas of soft tissue are being affected and some toxins are reintroduced back into the blood stream. Water helps to flush it out of your system.

8.  Be as willing and open as possible to get the most out of your massage session.  Outcall massage sometimes carries a social stereotype because it is unfortunately associated with erotic services. You should not let this dissuade you from hiring a massage therapist who will make house calls.

Many professional and talented massage therapists make house calls, and they often advertise this on their websites. Look for a website which clearly specifies therapeutic massage and which is well put together with professional photography.

Included somewhere should contain information about personal style, philosophy and training of the massage therapist. A site which stresses the race, gender, or beauty of the massage therapist may be suspicious for untrustworthy activities.