Spa Visits Verses House Calls


SPA Visit – The downside:

1. You have to travel to the spa, this in itself can stress you out.
2. You are not as comfortable as getting a massage at your home.
3. You have to get up, leave and sit in your car after receiving the massage.

*The best part of getting a massage at home is that you can relax and rest in  your home. You don't have to move or leave. You can stay in the same peaceful mood and relaxing atmosphere.

4. Traveling time: You spend time going to and from the spa, this can interfere with everyday life, kids, events, etc.

As a regular house call client, you have first priority.  Setting up a regular weekly or bi-weekly massage makes it easier for you to plan your massage around your life, not the other way around.  Your body gets more benefits from getting massage regularly.  Your body knows it and feels it. 

Reasons why using house-call massage service is the best:

1. Save time and energy
2. Much more comfortable at home (familiar environment)
3. Don't have to leave, stay in a positive and relaxed state of body and mind
4. You set up the time and date you want to get massaged; all the benefits of the ‘spa’ come to you!



House Calls from $50 - $175*
*Prices vary with length of time and level of therapist.

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