How It Works

Massage at home can be very enjoyable because it allows you to relax in a comfortable environment after the massage.  No need to battle traffic and drive. All massages are done in the ease and privacy of your home. You may want someone to come to your residence or you may have a medical condition preventing you from getting out.

Be aware that when massage therapists make house calls, they need a lot of space to set up their tables and work. If you do not have a clear open space, you may not get a great massage, because the massage therapist may have to contort his or her body in order to fit.

When massage therapists make house calls, they will usually ask a few questions on the phone to confirm about available space, where to park, and whether or not you are sensitive to oils. There are a few things to take under consideration before you call to make an appointment. You may wish to talk with your doctor to see if a massage is contraindicated.

Massage Genesis Therapists typically arrives 15 minutes prior to the schedule massage time. Confirmations are done the day before by preferred call, text or email.

Please allow 5-10 minutes for set up and break down of massage equipment.